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A history of passion for fabric


Minifra is a new family business that offers a wide variety of fabrics and accessories for sewing. Aimed at the hobby sewing enthusiast as well as the designer and small manufacturer, Minifra’s offer stands out for its excellent quality/price ratio. Unlike many competitors, all Minifra products are in stock and the fabrics offered are tested to ensure quality. In addition, some of the fabrics available are unique designs created by local artists and are made in Quebec, all in an effort to promote local purchasing.

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Being a new brand, Minifra’s managers needed support to gain visibility and generate interest among their target clientele. They also needed to position the company strategically to be able to stand out in a highly competitive niche market.

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King Communications developed a strategic positioning plan for the company as well as a new visual identity that reflects the pleasure of creation and handmade products. Including the creation of a new logo, a new creative platform was imagined and deployed across a range of communications tools such as business cards, stationery and corporate components with the Minifra logo.

Our team also created and implemented the transactional website. A content strategy promoting organic referencing was set in place, which included writing a blog and animating social media. In addition, to maximize Minifra’s visibility within its target market, digital campaigns were implemented.

King Communications is proud to have contributed to the launch of this great company and of our continuing collaboration with Minifra!

Site web Minifra | Réalisations | King Communications
Site web Minifra | Réalisations | King Communications
Site web Minifra | Réalisations | King Communications
Site web Minifra | Réalisations | King Communications


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